Reminders for the Final Stretch

Dear Delegates,

With IIMUN VI on Saturday of this week, it is important to brush up on some important rules and reminders. First, all position papers must be graded and finalized by Friday @ 3:30 pm. Our secretariat, including myself, will be checking with each committee @ RSM  Intermediate and personally checking you off. Remember, if your position papers have not been graded, and no notification has been made explaining the emergency situation in which you are unable to complete the task, consequences will be handed out. This a very serious deadline. We would also greatly appreciate it if you could have research awardees finalized.

Please remember that you can only be on the RSM Intermediate campus after 3:30. We will be outside to direct you to the rooms in case you are unfamiliar with the campus and we WILL be taking attendance. Dais members, please bring laptops, chargers, and gavels if you have them. Final adjustments, tips, preparations, etc. will be made on Friday as well.

Congratulations to everyone working towards making this event possible. On behalf of the entire secretariat, thank you to everyone who has turned in a parent letter and we are so excited to see you all on Friday!


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