9/28 Meeting Recap

Greetings delegates! It’s another brand new year in Model United Nations and we’re excited to have you here. In case you missed our meeting on September 28, here’s what happened!

Beginning with board introductions, we introduced our hobbies and aspirations outside of MUN. Icebreakers ensued as delegates were each asked if they could add a zero or deduct a zero from any number. Some answers were wholesome such as adding a zero to a pet’s lifespan — while others were adding zeros to the US national debt. Everything considered, we all had a great laugh at the variety of responses!

Afterwards, we looked at a synopsis of MUN and how conferences conduct debate. We examined the purpose of our club, attire, flow of debate, and different United Nations committees. You can find these details in the Google Slides we’ve attached, meant as an introduction to new delegates and the club in general. (Introduction Slides)

Lastly for delegates who have been with us in previous years, we’re pleased to announce that IIMUN IX will be hosted at Trabuco Hills High School on April 6th. Mark your calendars!

Thank you everyone for coming, and we will hold our next meeting Friday on October 5th.


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