10/26 Meeting Recap

Hello Delegates! We are another week closer to our first conference and here is a brief recap in case you missed the meeting.

We opened with an introduction on how to pay for conferences and make donations. The first part of the process is going to THHS MUN webstore. From here choose what package you want- advanced, novice, or a donation. The store will prompt you to login, although if you’ve never used the site before you will be required to make an account. Then direct your way to check and out and pay. Additionally, if you plan on going to Tustin it’s required for you to pay for your committees by October 27th as they need final head counts. While on the topic of head counts Capistrano Valley High School conference is coming up and they requested a head count. For reference, the conference will be held on December 8 and as of right now there are a total of 23 delegates interested in attending. Out of those 23, 7 are interested in going as an advanced delegate and 16 are interested as going as a novice delegate.

Soon after, we looked at MUN 101: A Guide on Resolutions where we examined the different parts of a resolution along with how to write a position paper. Additionally, the topics of pre-ambulatory clauses and operative clauses were looked at in depth and we analysed a chart with examples for both clauses.

Afterwards, delegates attending Tustin were reminded that position papers were due on November 1st. We then accessed Tustin’s MUN website where we looked at their position paper rubric. Here we did a brief overview of the required components of a position paper for Tustin (if any delegate needs help feel free to send us a Remind). Following that, we gave the delegates that paid for Tustin the opportunity to choose their committee for Tustin.

Finally, we were interested anyone was still interested in applying for vice and legal positions at IIMUN. Seeing as a handful of people missed the deadline, applications for vice chair and legal will be reopened.

Thank you everyone and we will hold our next meeting on November 2nd, hope to see you there. The mock conference will be hosted next meeting!


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