What Is MUN?

Model United Nations, also called Model UN or simply MUN, is a simulation of the United Nations where students become delegate ambassadors from UN member states to debate past and present world issues, ranging from the environment to social issues and even law. In committee, delegates use diplomacy, teamwork, and leadership to make speeches, prepare resolutions with allies and adversaries, and ease tension as they go through the flow of debate during the committee.

MUN is recognized around the world as one of the best ways to develop teamwork and leadership skills while working together in simulated environments to solve real global problems. Nationwide, over 90,000 students are involved in high school and college Model United Nations programs, and over 400,000 students worldwide participate in global conferences.

MUN is a great addition on the academic resumes of many students, letting colleges know the applicants’ want to improve the world and carrying the necessary capabilities to achieve that goal. MUN also provides many outstanding opportunities to connect with others at a global scale and develop invaluable skills such as researching, writing, critical thinking, and public speaking.

THHS MUN is Trabuco Hills High School’s Model UN after-school club. It is a student-run organization dedicated to providing the greatest MUN experience we can to all members by fostering research skills, public speaking, leadership, and political awareness. THHS MUN is led by our two advisors, Mr. Raj Rajadhyaksha and Mrs. Christine Brothwell, as well as our student secretariat. Club operation details including all club policies can be found in our THHS MUN Club Constitution: