Chair Training Presentations

Here are the two chair training presentations we used this year:

Chair Training – Part 1: Flow of Debate

Chair Training – Part 2: Logistics and Grading

Chairing Scripts

Chairing scripts for IIMUN: These Chairing Scripts are from Bestdelegate and will be a tremendously helpful resource for all you dais members preparing for IIMUN and work well for ensuring committee is flowing properly come IIMUN day.


Unfortunately the embedded spreadsheet does not show the pop-up comments of the sheet. Therefore the following embedded sheet has one inconsistency: Paige Hanoka is NOT a Vice Chair, her and Malyhea Haghshenas are Co-Head Chairs for GA. However, the link that follows the sheet will take you to a View-Only version of the file which has a pop-up comment correctly labeling Paige as a Co-Head Chair.


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