Winter Break

We sincerely hope that everyone is enjoying their winter break and taking the much-needed time to relax and unwind. However, we would like to remind delegates of two important deadlines: Both Position Papers for the Mission Viejo High School Conference (January 14th-15th) and IIMUN Topic Synopses are due by Friday, January 6th.

Mission papers can be turned in to delegates’ respective committee emails found on the MVHS MUN conference site. And IIMUN Topic Synopses can be turned in to the Director of Conferences at

Enjoy your break everyone and we’ll see you when we get back!


Mock Conference News

As a reminder our THHS MUN mock conference will be held on Thursday, November 10th in Room 503 from 3:30 to 5:45. We hope to see you all of you there so we can have you all perform in a safe zone and so we can see you in action to give you good, positive feedback and comments. The committee will be UNICEF and the singular topic will be Child Soldiers. The topic synopsis for the committee can be found here.

Additionally, we would like all delegates attending to choose a country for the conference. To choose a country first check out our country matrix for the conference. Then pick your top three countries that have not yet been chosen and email them to, soon after one of our amazing Directors of Communications will get back to you confirming which country you have received.

We would like everyone to come prepared with basic knowledge of their country’s stance on the topic and solutions they would support. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of use on the secretariat. We hope this will be an amazing learning experience for everyone. See you all on Thursday!

Tustin Field Trip Forms

Field Trip forms for the Tustin HS MUN Conference are due for turn in by Thursday, November 10th. They can be turned in to Room 503 or to any of the secretariat members. If you do not yet have a field trip form, extras are in Room 503. Additionally, a scanned copy of both pages of the form can be found here: Page 1, Page 2.

MUN Reminders for the Week

Good evening delegates, it is Varsha, your Co-Secretary General! I hope you all have been having a wonderful week so far. Here are our top five reminders for the week that we highly encourage you to consider:

  1. Pay the $10 donations on the student store! We need all the support we can get in order to provide the best possible experience for everyone in MUN.
  2. Check out the student store tonight to pay for Capo positions. CVHS MUN is an intermediate conference and all delegates pay $30 to attend; this covers the cost for you as an individual, the school fee, and lunch. Remember that positions are first paid, first served.
  3. Remember to work on Tustin MUN position papers. They are due on November 4th at 11:59 pm. If you do not submit a position paper, you will be ineligible for BOTH Outstanding AND Best Delegate!
  4. If you are new to MUN, don’t forget to review the MUN 101 presentations located under the Delegate Information tab.
  5. Come to our Friday meeting tomorrow at 3:3o pm in Mrs. Brothwell’s room! We are super excited to see you there!!!

Banquet at BJ’s

On June 5th we had our annual banquet at the Rancho Santa Margrita BJ’s. It was a great success and we had a lot of fun! Thanks again everyone for an amazing year! It was a lot of fun this past year for all of us here on the secretariat and we hope to see you again for an even better year come Club Rush! Here are pictures from the banquet for you all, click any photo to enlarge it and get the file:

Meeting Update

As you all know we’ve had a break from MUN as of late because of testing. Just a reminder that our next meeting will be on Friday May 20th, and from there we’ll resume regular Friday meetings. Good luck for testing everyone!

UCI Forms and Update

UCI applications have been reviewed and delegates have been chosen! Congrats to those who were picked! If you were not present when the list of chosen delegates was read a list has been distributed to everyone via email. Know that the conference is on May 28th through May 29th and Position Papers are due by May 21st at 11:59 PM. More information can be found under our conferences tab. For those going to UCI you must submit the three forms to us by Friday May 20th. For your convenience the scanned forms are available here:

UCI Parent Form

UCI Transportation Exemption

UCI Waiver

Secretariat Applications

Remember applications for next year’s secretariat are due by May 20th to Mrs. Brothwell’s room. Unlike payments for conferences, you will not be able to turn these in to individual secretariat members, only directly to Mrs. Brothwell’s room. Scanned images of the two pages are attached here for your convenience. Know that we will be discussing interview times at our next meeting on May 20th so make sure you’re there!

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Page 2