Welcome THHS MUN parents! We are very excited to have your sons and daughters participate in this academic program. Through MUN, we have had the pleasure of seeing students develop their skills in leadership, diplomacy, and public speaking, and go on to succeed in college and beyond. We encourage all delegates to take advantage of every opportunity we offer, and so we thank you for allowing them to be involved and grow with our program.

The success of our annual IIMUN conference is the result of the endless effort of countless students, teachers, and parents. Our next conference, IIMUN VII, will be held on Saturday, April 1, 2017. We hope you will consider volunteering to ensure its continued success! More information on how you can help out will be released as we approach the conference.

Click here for the parent donation letter!

We request that you turn in the Parent Letter with your child by February 24, 2017.

Each duty will be assigned to the parent, but you may ask for a preference on the bottom of the sheet.